A small boy is anxiously awaiting for his father to return home from work late one night. With some help, the boy gets out his pan and starts cooking an omelette. So eager is he, not only for the thrill of being up way past his bedtime but because he knows the man about to walk through the door means so much to him. The father enters the house, tired and beaten from a long days work. He gives the boy a hug and sits down at the table. The small boy sets his fathers plate down on the table and says, "Here you go Papa, I made this for you." The father starts to eat his food with only a smile because one day this little boy will grow up to be the man he knows he can be. But little does his father know that when the small boy grows up he wants to be just like his Papa.

At PAPA we aim to deliver the same experience for our guests. But instead of the omelette we look to bring simple yet incredible food each and every night. Fresh pasta, savory meats, bountiful local produce and delicious snacks to achieve that same smile my father gave me all those years ago. 

Born and raised in Portland, Maine I came out to the bay area in 2017 to work for Bon Appétit Management Co. so that I can raise the funds I need to start my own project. PAPA is my dream and slowly but surely it is starting to come to fruition. I've worked all around Portland in all the kitchens and have learned from the best. The kid from New England is here to give you a taste of my passion so thank you for your support. Now, it's time to crush some food already.

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Thank you so much for your outgoing support. It is my mission to bring you nothing but the highest quality of food and service that I have been longing to do for so many years. I hope that you enjoy as much as I enjoy cooking for you!

-Josh Amergian

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